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Vet told us that is what was the cause of our dogs passing.
9 month old pug hase hanging breasts after heat, she had no pregnancies as we don't have any male dogs in the yard. Is it normal or somet...
I had two dogs. One is a 6 year old Schnoodle and the other was a 4 year old husky mix. I took the Husky in for first time ever for a rab...
Of course, a million things run through your mind when something like this happens. For me, it helps to understand what may have happene...
Anyone else have an old dog who is currently sick with Cushings? We want hold onto him, but don't want him suffering. Any suggestions abo...
I just rescued a new puppy, he's a 3 month old part white german shepherd part husky (we think). I know this is probably nothing so I fee...
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