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Dear Friends, ' 911 EMERGENCY: POISON CONTROL #'s Questions come up often on this Forum about dogs ingesting various things and what to d...
hey can i use the plan b pills for my 40-45 lb small red pit? please i need answers? or even what direction to go. he could have only bee...
I just want to have a confirmation since I am really sad at the moment . Yesterday my little sister passed away , she was a year and ha...
Jake is an 11 year old black lab. Super friendly and a happy boy. I noticed a few days ago that he's breathing fairly hard and fast w...
I was vaccinated after the bite but was unable to finish all the scheduled shots due to quatantine protocols. The dog is domesticated and...
My puppy had consumed a small amount of the clear eye drops. She has been puking but just once and it was very little this morning. She i...
My beagle had her spleen removed because we discovered she had a large mass. She seemed to be on her way to recovery, walking to get up ...
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