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My dog has recently had an accident which caused soft tissue damage. He’s seems to be in a lot more pain at night. When he’s trying to sl...
Ok so I have a 1.5 year old chocolate lab and over the past two weeks she has decided food isn't that exciting, weird because she used to...
I just got a 14 week old German Shepherd female (with the intent of breeding her at 2yrs old) and I noticed that she has a kink towards t...
My older dog keeps getting random sticky substance all over him (top of head, chest, back, legs). It seems very random (meaning not alway...
my 10 lb shitzu-pomeranian mix puppy ate about 1 mg or less than a suboxone pill. Vets are closed. She seems a bit lethargic. She wont...
We took our dog to the vet the other day because he stopped eating his dog food (though he is eat table food), he had a mini seizure and ...
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