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Dear Friends, ' 911 EMERGENCY: POISON CONTROL #'s Questions come up often on this Forum about dogs ingesting various things and what to d...
Our girl Abby, 55 lb German-Australian Sheppard mix has been to the vet three times in the past year for one ear infection and two separa...
Blood is bright red and is flowing more than it was yesterday. She also has bad teeth and shes drinking alot. She is still eating. She ...
I have an 11yr old dashund/beagle that was diagnosed with lymphoma.Its been a month and his lympnodes have gotten bigger.Hes on steriods ...
He’s on hepato-samelq-ursodiol 1/4 food wet and dry ld liver food. Some chicken very little mixed with food and a few pieces of sweet pot...
My chihuahua was resting & my friend's Pitbull came up and ripped him out of his little bed and tossed him around in the air and threw hi...
My dog is a 7 year old lab. She was diagnosed with lymphoma 4-6 months ago. I am not treating with chemo. She is currently on prednisone ...
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