Dear Friends, ' 911 EMERGENCY: POISON CONTROL #'s Questions come up often on this Forum about dogs ingesting various things and what to d...
My puppy is 4 weeks old and fell when my spouse went to go put her on her the mother, she did not fall on her head, she was screaming for...
Hi, My dog who is 11 years old and used to love his food suddenly stopped eating almost 2 weeks ago. At the first day or two, we thou...
I've had my dog for about four months now, she is a pitbull mix, only a year old, not overweight and is healthy from what I've been told(...
Took my ten month old puppy (mixed breed poodle, chihuahua, yorkie, pitbull) to the vet for a pre-op checkup and bloodwork before spaying...
my new puppy is six months old and we just got him. Whenever we try to introduce him to our daughters golden he starts screaming uncontr...
How do I help my dog to get rid of sulfur burps
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