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I am watching my 8yr old dog Oliver wither away. Very healthy dog for the 7.5 yrs. in our family. Took to vet for yearly check up Oct. 23...
My 10 month old Saint Bernard died last Tuesday. The vet did an autopsy and found numerous intestinal growths that are blueish/black with...
Hello! It's the middle of the night, and my dog is suddenly super jumpy. He doesnt run away or anything, but jumps as though something is...
If I treat my dog with hartz ear mite treatment, and her momma habitually cleans her ears out, will it be harmful to her if her baby has ...
She is still eating and drinking but had a infection 2weeks ago
We have a 14 year old miniature poodle who had an abscess and tooth removal 2 weeks ago. He did great and came home happy and eating like...
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