Dear Friends, ' 911 EMERGENCY: POISON CONTROL #'s Questions come up often on this Forum about dogs ingesting various things and what to d...
I love my pooch and hate to hear of this illness spreading around and they think it is going to get worse. They think it is bacterial spr...
A friend's 9 year old female boxer started with muscle tenderness on Monday in her neck and wouldn't move it around much, walking slower ...
My daughter's dog is 11 years old. She is a black lab. All of a sudden, last Sunday we noticed that there was significant swelling unde...
Does anyone have any experience suing a vet due to their pup dying after a general procedure? or know anyone who has? whether success...
My 9 year od Chihuahua passed away yesterday during dental surgery. He had pre-anesthetic blood work, x-rays, and an EKG. He did have a h...
On three occasions I’ve noticed my dog abruptly get up run between two rooms and/or circle around once he is back in my room and sit down...
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