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Dear Friends, ' 911 EMERGENCY: POISON CONTROL #'s Questions come up often on this Forum about dogs ingesting various things and what to d...
My 8 month old lab/ shepherd swallowed a big piece of Kong Dotz Circle Large Dog Toy. Should I call the vet, or will she be able to pass ...
My 16 year old papillon chihuahua mix was blessing from one of his upper milers and not eating so we got blood work and mostly everything...
I have a 7 year old female Old English Sheepdog and lately she keeps nodding her head up and down. Nothing else seems to have changed but...
My dog, an Australian Shepherd, is 4y8m. About a month ago, she started to exhibit an odd behaviour. While lying down, for no apparent re...
I have a rescue mix Chihuahua Pomeranian weighs about 12 pounds most of his 6 years with me. He's estimated to be 12 years old and has be...
My dog ate a bread with a mold. She seems weak but she can still walk and when we call her name, she wagged her tail. She vomited and ha...
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