Down Syndrome Community

My BIL is a 37y/o DS man that lives at home. He is a very competitive and attention-seeking person, which has always been fairly manageab...
We have a 10 cousin that just moved in with us. He is the cutest and sweetest when he isn’t hitting (including my 90 yr grandpa) or throw...
My brother is a 32-year-old with Down Syndrome. He has recently suddenly had an issue with eating certain things, taking showers, and wip...
Hi all, I really just needed some opinions, my sister has Down syndrome and is 20 years old. She still sleeps in my mom’s bed and my ...
I have lived next to him for 5 long years. When we moved in my son didn't want to befriend him. I told him he might end up being my sons ...
I have a 10 yo girl with Downs Syndrome and we are running into a situation where she is telling her 6 yo brother to touch her bare botto...
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