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Hello! I hope somebody can help me. For the last couple of years, I have had a foul smelling yellow fluid that I need to drain fro...
About three months ago I was diagnosed with Eustachian tube dysfunction. My ears had a feeling of fullness and I could hear my own voice/...
Is it better for surgeon to use patient's own cartilage or cadaver cartilage for repair including spreader and alar graft? My surgery ent...
I was in an abusive relationship and my BF choked me several times. I am finding it hard to swallow, food seems to get stuck in my throa...
I have a burning sensation near the amygdala, and it seems that there is something in this region, close to it. I filmed my mouth and saw...
Hi everyone, my partner has had an issue with initially one ear, but now it's both, it started after having COVID, it's basically extreme...
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