Eating Disorders Community

This forum is for questions and support relating to Eating Disorders (ED). Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and different types of disordered eating.

If you are in crisis or need assistance, please visit our Crisis Page for resources in your area.
Everyone has to eat, right? So, if you are prone to eating disorders, how do you do normal things like manage your weight, lose a couple...
i'm a 14 year old girl who struggles with eating. i have not consistently eaten breakfast/lunch/dinner for 3 years now. this morning i tr...
I have suffered from binge eating since I was 20 yrs old. I am now 36. For the last 15 yrs I have been on many many anti depressants, di...
Since June I have lost 10 pounds I am now 5 foot 10 and 146 pounds Latly my ribs have been hurting sometimes it feels like something ...
I am a Mom of an obese adult daughter (27 yrs old). She has been grossly overweight for the last 5 years (started after she began and qui...
Hi, I’m currently 16, and have been bulimic for 6 months now. My periods have been absent for a even longer time, which really concerns m...
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