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Hello, I have been so sick for months (on and off for at least four years w/ really distressing symptoms), including low blood pressure, ...
The start of my EBV was in high school. It has been active on and off since, but I never had the blood tests done to prove it. This tim...
I just had some tests done...EBV VCA 6.5, EBV ANTIGEN 1.9 AND RA LATEX TURBID 19.2. I have had Fibromyalgia for 20 years but lately the f...
I have had all the symptoms of mono over the last two months but I also came down once with flu type A and strep twice. My nurse practiti...
Has anyone experienced vertigo or other vestibular symptoms as a result of EBV?
I would like to see people make a list of the symptoms they have experienced.
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