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For 4 months (since around mothers day) I have felt terrible. I went to my PCP and was diagnosed with strep even though I never had a sor...
I have had all the symptoms of mono over the last two months but I also came down once with flu type A and strep twice. My nurse practiti...
Hello all! I'm looking for any hope anyone has to share. I've truly lost any hope since I have been so incredibly sick for far too long. ...
Hi, all! My doctor used antibody tests to confirm that I have chronic reactivated EBV, which explains why I've been too tired to function...
Hello I am a 40-year-old woman who has just been tested for EB and I had positive titers for the IgG part. The reason I was tested was be...
Hello, can someone explain my test results to me please. I had what I believe were prodrome symptoms in January -February of early 2022 ...
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