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Since I last posted soon after, I saw an immunologist and an infectious disease Dr both told me there was no treatment for EBV. I guess I...
Have had chronic EBV for two years. Numbers are consistenlty in 9,000 range! Have heard Infectious Disease Doctors just confirm you ha...
I'm finally getting over Reactivated EBV and initially my tests for it were off the charts. The test range was 1.0 to 19 and I was 600. I...
My ebv igg is 75.0 which is extremely high and my igm was negative
I first contracted the Epstein-Barr virus with a classically identifiable case of mononucleosis while I was in university, 22 years ago. ...
I first contracted the Epstein-Barr virus 22 years ago, while I was attending University. I had a very recognizable case of mononucleosis...
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