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So we had our degu in a ball when the ferrets were running around, and a couple hours later our degu somehow got out of his ball and the ...
My ferret was sleeping a lot and not playing. His nose went white and we noticed he had an enlarged organ. The vet put him on antibiotics...
I found a baby deer mouse in my garage 8 weeks ago. Eyes closed, ears flat, little fur. I fed him and he survived. I have him as a pet no...
recently bought an albino nelsons milk snake from a breeder. my hubby estimates its age to be about 6 months. Last time it ate was 5 or...
I adopted 2 ferrets, both fixed, after someone abandoned them at a local pet store. They're a bonded pair and the male is wonderful, but ...
I have had this savannah monitor for a week today and fed him crickets..but I believe he may have eaten some moss as well..now he is thro...
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