Feb 2011 Babies Group

Mommies of February 2011 Babies: Welcome to the group!!! Feel free to share, ask questions, or just vent. This group is for support. Congrats on your pregnancy.
Have any of you found out what you are having yet? I'm 16 weeks today and found out we're having a girl!
I was wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with a low placenta? I am 14weeks pregnant now, it was discovered back at 7weeks and i...
I am due Feb 7th i am aprox 6w3d.
If you give me your first name I will update so everyone knows who everyone is =) IPLAYWITHDEREK - Feb 3 anxiouslywa...
Today I had my 7 wk 4 day Us and the baby is doing great. The heartbeat is 155 bpm and the baby is measuring 11.9mm, so tiny but so cute!...
Couldn't see heartbeat. barely bulging. we're losing it
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