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This expert forum is for questions and information regarding Fibromyalgia. All questions will be answered by a medical professional.
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A month ago, I have sex once together with contraceptive pills (YASMIN). After the week, I was caught with flu and cough. Since then, I ...
On day 12 of the sample pack for Savella. This is the fourth day of 2x/50 mg. I have had peeling of face and dark funny smelling urin...
I have carpel tunnell syndrome, DDD and was diagnosed with Fibormyalgia while in hospital for depression just over a year ago. I tried ma...
I was diagnosed with CFS in 1994 then a few years later with fibromyalgia. Now I am having a lot of problems with edema and a different...
hi there please could you help ive been unwell for about a year now started with sudden attacks of severe muscle weakness affecting m...
I can not remeber a day in my life without having pain in my head I am not 47 started at around 8 years old . I have seen alot of doctors...
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