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hi. i have a 29 gal. tank that i just set up 3months ago with an tiger oscar, a firemouth and 2 black convict cichlids. all of the fis...
My fish floats in the aquarium. Is that normal?
Last week my plecostomus was floating on his back on the surface. I know it means he was either eating or getting air. This morning he's ...
I have 3 green spotted puffer fish and a pleco. Over the last 2 days, 2 puffers and the pleco have died. My last puffer is covered in s...
i have an oscar that has developed a big white dot on his eye. what is it and how do i fix it?
I bought 10 Blue and Dwarf fish. All of the barbs I purchased are all doing fine. Even the Rainbow Shark is doing well. Thank you for ask...
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