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Hello, I've had my tank (10 gallons) for about 3-4 months now. All the fish were doing fine up until 3 weeks ago when my tiger barbs s...
ii have 6 tropical fishh and i hadd to doo a 75% water cahge because of my amonia levels......i did it and noww the tempp in myy tannk is...
One of our gold fish has this fascination with hiding behind this plant in the tank...and we were worried cause he seemed to forget how t...
I have a male and female tiger oscar about 3 years old and two Plecos the same age. They are in a 50 gal tank. I just recently removed on...
I have a 100 gallon tank for my 3 Oscar fish. I noticed something white on my Tiger Oscar about 4 days ago.(It looks like mold or somethi...
So last Friday I got my 7 month old a fish becuase we went to the pet store and he was amazed by them. It was his Valentine's Day present...
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