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Welcome to the Gallbladder Forum! This is a place to ask your personal questions about gallbladder issues and receive personal answers from medical experts. You will also find other members who share your interest in the subject of gallbladders.
I've heard that even with a HIDA test for the Gall Bladder it can come out normal, but the Gall Bladder still is the issue. My doctor sa...
Good Afternoon, I've been through an extensive amount of tests, CT, Ultrasound, colonoscopy, endoscopy, blood tests, Hida Scan with CC...
I am a male age 61 in generally good health-cholesterol about 200 on a 40mg daily statin I saw my GP after having what appeared to be I...
Hi I just had my gallbladder removed yesterday, and Now I'm in quite a bit of pain, however I also feel really sick like I have both the ...
My son had his gallbladder removed about 11 years ago and since then he has had problems with controlling his bowel movements. He usually...
I am a 43 year old, Caucasian female. Medium build, 135lbs. 5' 7". 5 months ago I looked healthy, fit, had admirable definition in my ar...
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