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I am having sharp shooting pains in my right side abdomen if I sit or lay still I am fine but when I get up and try to step on the groun...
I have had diarrhea issues ever since removal. Every time I eat, no matter the day or time. The only time I didn't have a problem was whi...
I noticed pale stool on several seperate occasions. Never white or grey or the color of an old computer (tanish), but more of a "blonde" ...
For 4.5 yrs Ive had upper left stabbing pains on and off. Once my lipase was doubled and CA 19- (19 went down), however, ever since usual...
I've had general nausea off and on for a year. It started about a year ago when I just felt unwell in my stomach for about a month every ...
I had my gallbladder removed approx. 6 months ago d/t stones and frequent attacks. very painful the first week, with loose stools after m...
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