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Questions in the Genetics Forum are being answered by medical professionals and experts. This forum is for questions and support regarding a person’s predisposition to a variety of medical conditions such as Ashkenazi Jewish Diseases, Bleeding Disorders, Blood Clotting Disorders, Cancer Genetics and Hereditary Cancer Syndromes, Chromosome Abnormalities, Congenital Birth Defects, Cystic Fibrosis, Family History, Fragile X Syndrome, Infertility, Newborn Screening, Rare Genetic Disorders, Prenatal Screening and Testing.
In June I had a miscarriage and because I insisted on it my doctor gave me tons of blood tests. He found out that I am compound heterozy...
I am a male and yesterday I learned that I have a balanced translocation of chromosomes 14 & 17. My wife and I have suffered 5 miscarriag...
Hello, My mother was just recently dx with A1298c Mutation. Please explain this to me? what causes it? Is it genetic? I have 2 boys mys...
What does this mean? Our boy was just "diagnosed" with this Duplication on chromosome 7q21.13 large size 1.68 to 1.73 mb Deletion o...
My Grandson has no enamel on his baby teeth, and they suspect these might be his permanent teeth. He will be 4 March 6 and is a wonderfu...
Hi...I was hoping you could help me out with something! A dear friend of mine just found out that her 2-year-old daughter has a rare chro...
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