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Questions in the Genetics Forum are being answered by medical professionals and experts. This forum is for questions and support regarding a person’s predisposition to a variety of medical conditions such as Ashkenazi Jewish Diseases, Bleeding Disorders, Blood Clotting Disorders, Cancer Genetics and Hereditary Cancer Syndromes, Chromosome Abnormalities, Congenital Birth Defects, Cystic Fibrosis, Family History, Fragile X Syndrome, Infertility, Newborn Screening, Rare Genetic Disorders, Prenatal Screening and Testing.
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I was wonder if I should be tested for leir weill syndrome, or anything else reccomended. I have madelungs deformity in both wrist inclu...
my son was born september 14th 2007 almost 2 i took him to childrens in cincinnati,ohio they took blood and she called back and said th...
My father has fxtas, could that be the cause of a task specific tremor (writing)?
Hello, I am a 58-year old woman of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. I have never had cancer, my Mother is alive and well at age 80 and has nev...
I recently had a heart attack. A few years ago my brother had a DVT and didn't respond to coumaden. During my heart attack I didn't res...
I'm a 44-year-old woman in good general health, and I've wondered for years if Marfan syndrome ran in my family. My dad's side of the fam...
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