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Has anyone experienced long term complicated grief ? I lost my brother to suicide in 2001 and it feels like he died just recently. It is ...
If you have lost a friend or close relative to liver failure and cirhosis, please share with me the amount of time they had in "end stage...
Just call me Arlo. I lost my father january 2014, when I just turned 18. Which was already hard enough. Then I lost my mother, my bes...
my parents died in front of me .... now brother who was very young also left me due to sudden cardiac arrest.... i am unable to bear i ha...
My Grandson was 30 years old and he passed away from an accidental drug overdose. He had many drugs in his system, Fentanyl, Oxycodone, ...
i wanna no something that came to my attention today. 3 wks after my mother passed away i heard her say my name KRIS it was late at nite ...
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