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For women and men who believe that birth is a natural process that requires little or no medical intervention welcome to We Want a Natural Birth. For those who are unsure about natural childbirth please join us as we will use many MedHelp trackers, health pages, polls, FAQ's, videos and resources to share about the pros, cons, delights and fears of birthing naturally. This is a peaceful place of refuge for expecting mommies and daddies alike! Please note that I am not a medical professional and this forum is a public domain. If you have any medical concerns you will always be asked to consult with your doctor or midwife. I will also be posting links to graphic birth photos and videos (you will always be forewarned).
Welcome! I am Joy and the creator of this group. If you have found your way to 'We Want a Natural Birth' (WWNB) you must be expecting so ...
I know I am going to make someone cringe for even asking this, but is there anyone on here that has ever kept their placenta after birth?...
Just wanted to let you ladies know there is a great documentary that was made in 2008 called Pregnant in America and it has a lot of info...
We have always made a personal decision to not vaccinate our children after much research. When you give birth in a hospital setting the...
The group is small but slowly growing! I want to know who is in here so take the poll and tell me which trimester you are in!
Whether you've chosen a home birth, water birth, VBAC, hospital birth, birth center - what is your birth must-have?! What is that one thi...
My oh my! I have neglected my poor little forum here and I'm so sorry! Life happens and it happened to me, ha ha. Anyway I just came ...
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