GroupTrack: We Will Stop Smoking Group

"We Will Stop Smoking" members look forward to kicking their cigarette habit one day at a time. By using MedHelp trackers, FAQ's, discussions & tips, together we'll achieve healthier-lifestyle goals in an inspirational setting. Come join us today, as "We Will Stop Smoking!"
Set your goal and use your ticker - it'll remind you of your success! Addiction Recovery Tracker - http://www.medhelp.org/user_trackers/...
Hi my name is Lynn I started smoking when I was 12 but addicted at I'd say 15 or 16. I am now 31 (Dec 15th) My last cigarette was De...
Post your updates here!
Hi Group, My name is Jim and I'm a 60 year-old married guy who lives in western New York state. I was diagnosed with mild COPD about two ...
i can't stop smoking it's like it started with a little monkey on my back but now it is like a silver-back gorilla i need help and maybe ...
Did you know there's a connection between smoking and GERD for some? ___________ How Does Smoking Affect GERD? In patients with GE...
It's raining outside, BUT it really is so pretty with all the trees and flowers blossoming with hints that Spring is really on its way!
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