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This group is for recipes for those of us HCg & HHCg users. HCg is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). You may place Protocol recipes in this group. Also, If you care to place Rouge Items you may do so but please note that if you use a rogue item, indicate that it is a rogue item. Many HGc users have a different weight gain or loss due to rogue items. Some people lose weight and other gain or stall. This group may also share secrets or ideas to help others in when and how to get by during stalls or gains such as apple days, steak days and egg days. Most important, lets share our HCg Journey with anyone who would like to join or show interest in weight Management. We welcome everyone to share any Protocol Phase 2 or Phase 3 meal so that everyone can experiance a pleasent change in the proper foods that we should have during our Rounds. If you have a great receipe but its not for HCg, please add it to another group that looks for those recipes but if your not an HCg user, you are still welcome to try these heathy meals to help you in your weight management. This site is strickly for Protocol but may include a Rouge Item. Also note that anyone on P2 or P3 that is trying a rogue item is trying them at your own risk. Remember, you can't go wrong sticking to Protocol. Finally, lets have some fun and feel free to express what you think of each recipe so that others will have an opportunity to try something different. Pictures of you meal are always appreciated.
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This is a P2 Seaweed Crab & Asparagus Roll that is easy and quick to make for lunch. I leave to work early in the morning 5:30am and dri...
This is a P2/P3 friendly meal. With winter here and it being cold outside, I am a soup champion and can have it every day. This is a ba...
Protien Powder Pancakes 1 egg 1 scoop of protien powder 1/2 t baking powder 1 dropper of chocolate stevia 1 dropper of cinnamon st...
I just have to make my fruit sing...this is a P2 change of paste. Frequent dessert or snack of slice apples, sliced strawberries and cov...
Chicken Cherry Pecan salad wrap (see recipe from previous day on p3 folder) Cucumber Peachy ham and cheese bites diced matos Cucumbe...
Craving bread? Here is a way to satisfy a craving without the guilt while shrinking your waist line! 5 eggs, separated 1 cup vanilla ...
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