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This forum is for questions and discussions relating to HIV exposure and risks, living with HIV, HIV prevention, HIV testing, HIV transmission, HIV treatment. All questions will be answered by a medical expert from FreedomHealth.
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Dear Dr, I am currently in a state of Panic over a potential HIV infection I may have suffered. I am a 33 year old Australian male cu...
Hi , i had a protected sex one month ago with a girl , sex worker for the 1st time of my life and it will be the last , the issue is that...
Dear Dr, Here is my friend's situation: On 2.25, he took ELISA test twice in a hospital, one of the test result shown negetive, t...
Hi all, male few days back i went to one massage parlor. All good when i went. after everything was fine, i asked her for happy ending...
I am 30yr female from uk and had an exsposure back in october 2013. We used a condom on the 7.10.13 and then on the 10.10.13 it was unpro...
Hi there, below is a paste of my post on the free forum and the response I received from Teak has really helped my anxiety levels. To bri...
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