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This is a community for those who have HIV/AIDS, and for family and friends impacted by it. This community is not monitored by medical professionals. All questions and comments. posted in the patient to patient forums are provided by individual visitors who are NOT MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.. Under NO circumstances should you act on any advice or opinion posted in any of MedHelp’s communities without first consulting your medical provider. If you have questions regarding your risk for HIV, please visit our HIV Prevention Community.
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I don't know why but for some reason I still get nervous when I go to an appointment even though I am HIV+. I guess it could be due to th...
An update from the previous question I have asked in regards to my viral load: I had a doctor's appointment on Aug 15 and my results afte...
Dear all I have been testing negative for HIV since April 2014 after an exposure. I did the tests until December 2015 and all tests we...
I just came across an old appointment paper from 7/05/18 and my viral load was 6,215 and my CD4 was 1000 something. In December, my viral...
Hi, I was recently diagnosed as HIV positive and I have no idea how I was exposed. I’m a gay man in a monogamous relationship. After my d...
(Sorry, english is my foreign language) Why does it take so long for me (1 year) to get the hiv tested positive? Dear doctor, this ...
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