Anything You want to talk about related to hiv I am here to assist with any concerns and anyone is welcome to post a question and join the group.
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Hello, Let me first thank you for helping me out here. I have an issue that is eating my brain and i need your help. Please........ ...
hi i had sex with a lady in april 21,2013 two weeks later my throat has been burning,i have been to the emergency room twice,i received...
Ok here is my problem. I've had sex with a sex worker on 11/23. I had condom on at first, but it was broken during the process due to the...
hi guys...... I had protected sex with sex worker in April 2011.but i don't no the brand of the condoms and quality of the condoms due t...
This Group is for people suffering from undiagnosed list of symptoms after having an exposure with no answers from doctors , symptoms are...
Hello, I had unprotected sex with a man (of unknown status) exactly eight weeks ago. It lasted less then two minutes and there was no...
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