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You may be exposed to HIV if you: 1) Have unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR 2) Share IV drug equipment with o...
recently i have been meeting a lot of men through a gay app, i have gotton several blowjobs and also cun inside two of the men mouth, als...
Hello! I am so worried about an exposure to HIV. I recently got the JJ vaccine and then in a stupid move received oral sex from a woman t...
Hi, Thank you for the help. I made a stupid decision and went to a massage parlor. I received plastic wrap protected oral. The thing is...
What happened? I had sex with a Hooker in China. She looked dark and skinny. I got small amount of rash Both arms same position. 3 ...
i touched her vagina, and it got a little wet. 15 minutes later I rubbed my eyes with that finger. i worry i will get hiv. Please help
Was having sex with a guy of unknown status, i was watching and after a thrust the condom disappeared. Immediately we stopped and removed...
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