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This Group is for people suffering from undiagnosed list of symptoms after having an exposure with no answers from doctors , symptoms are much the same between people suffering some have more and some got less but they all meet in at least half of the list will be mentioned . this group will give people a hope and tell them that they are not alone and when we reach a good a number of people we can push for starting a research about our medical condition and not only to keep setting and listening to anxiety stories as people other people did ,, we have a faith and tests that proves we are sick from unknown condition and that why we should never stop searching OUR LIFE OUR CHOICE.. This illness symptoms are : 1) Oral trush on my tongue with red spots 2) Enlargement painful lymph node in armpit , nick and groin area (CT scan proved ) 3) Skin rashes on the chest and behind my ears 4) fatigue 5) muscle pain and Joints pain 6) Dry mouth, Oral ulcers 7) stomach ache 8) abdominal pain 9) chest pain 10) shortness of breathing 11) night swets on the beginning of the illness 12) CD 8 is higher than CD 4 and some times CD 4 is less than normal 13) Wight drop at the begging of illness then patient gain some weight after 3 months
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It might be our thing and it might not, its not the same study for HIV like illness that is going in other labs about the cases in china ...
For all people suffering and don't know what are there problem since last sexual exposure am talking about people with mild symptoms and ...
Hello... I have been posting in the other forums for a bit. Me - I received fellatio 16 weeks ago. Tested for hiv at 6 weeks dna ...
Unprotected oral sex from a female, the rest protected. Tested negative for HIV at aprox. 5 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 7 months, 9 mon...
Below a collection of rare cases: Case 1: Unprotected vaginal sex with confirmed HIV+ woman. CD4+ lowered from 920 to around 340 in si...
hi all many symptoms but hiv negativ stating from 2 days after unprotected sex in phillipine unti now 1 year after 20 days negative ant...
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