Healthy moms Club Group

This group is for moms. We'll discuss here how we maintain a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our families. We're too tired to exercise, the house is falling apart and we just finished up our kids mac and cheese that they didn't eat. Our waist is growing and sometimes we feel like our brain is shrinking. What can we do about it? Let's share ideas of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a MOM putting family first but ourselves and our heath as a close second. Would love ideas from others and to share my own so we can all be our BEST selves.
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We are in the process of getting our vacation together. It's EXHAUSTING. Trying to make everyone happy and picturing a 10 hour car drive...
If your kids are old enough, do you do allowances? Are they tied to chores? Do your kids have chores every week whether they get paid f...
So, how would you describe yourself? Are you a strict mom? Bed time a strict time each night, lots of rules? Or are you more loose in ...
I have two sons that are 15 months apart. I had to learn ways of sneaking in exercise and am happy to share what worked for me. What do...
What have been some of your favorite family vacations? Big ones, little ones, things you did when you had a 'staycation' in the back yard?
I have so much to do around the house that it is hard to prioritize. I set my goals but get easily side tracked. Any ways you all thi...
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