Healthy moms Club Group

This group is for moms. We'll discuss here how we maintain a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our families. We're too tired to exercise, the house is falling apart and we just finished up our kids mac and cheese that they didn't eat. Our waist is growing and sometimes we feel like our brain is shrinking. What can we do about it? Let's share ideas of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a MOM putting family first but ourselves and our heath as a close second. Would love ideas from others and to share my own so we can all be our BEST selves.
What is your least favorite thing to do around the house. I dislike putting away laundry. I actually enjoy DOING a load of laundry an...
Everyone has just left the house for FOUR solid hours on Sunday afternoon. Husband has taken the kids on an outing and you are IN THE H...
When you can't get to a gym or it is a bad weather day, what do you do in the house that is considered exercise? (I know chasing kids is...
Always interesting to me how other couples do it. I definitely got the short end of the stick in our house.
I try. I really try. But it is so hard to organize them and remember what I have. Does anyone coupon successfully and do you have any ...
I need ideas for some dinner meals that fit into healthy eating! any suggestions?
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