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I was diagnosed yesterday,after only one visit, with menieres disease. I've been miserable for the last five weeks. Dizzy, lightheaded, n...
Hi. This is, for me, a complex situation and I would really appreciate just knowing that someone else may be going through this. I'm not ...
HI, all. I recently experienced a sudden sensorineural hearing loss event in both my ears and so I’m posting this in the hopes getting s...
Hello all .. I lost hearing my left ear two weeks ago I want answers regarding the treatment of compressed oxygen .. Is there anyone who ...
I’m only 16 and this has been going on for many years. My ear rings for 5 seconds loudly and my hearing goes out then the ringing slowly ...
Ok so this may be long, but I've always had messed up hearing, not being able to separate background noise from the noise I'm trying to f...
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