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Thanks for taking my question. I am a bit confused as to what most cardiologist consider a normal ejection fraction, I have seen confl...
My normal diastolic pressure is 55-65. Systolic varies from 120 to 155. What can I do to lower my pulse pressure?
I was just diagnosed by my Cardiologist with IST. I have had several EKGs, echo, 7 day holter, and stress test before the Dr. came to thi...
I am a 40 year old female, generally healthy and have bicuspid aortic valve. My last echo, 2 yrs ago noted stage 1 regurgitation. For...
I am a 46 year old male in good general health. My heart tends to skip beats occasionally...PVC-type episodes. It seems to be very ...
Is a leaky mitral valve known as heart wobble and what is the recommended treatment
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