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I am a 32 y old female, healthy with no previous respiratory problems/infections. I had recent left sided chest pain which lasted for 2 d...
I have leaky valves for last 15 years (Trace to Mild). During my recent Echocardio, my Aortic valve is now Mild to Moderate with no steno...
Have undiagnosed chest pain for several years but worsening significantly in last 6 months. Pain extends along an area from just below x...
I have a weird question. has anyone noticed they have increased palpatations/heart flutters during allergy season. I'm a 50 year old m...
I’m 20 years old, healthy, but experiencing heart problems. It started about two years ago. I went to a cardiologist who could only tell ...
Curious if anyone has had similar experience. Had a PFO closure 4 months ago, and definitely feel better. However I have experienced epis...
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