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Have undiagnosed chest pain for several years but worsening significantly in last 6 months. Pain extends along an area from just below x...
I had an echo due to chest pain. Most values were normal however the RV GLS was -10. The E/A was high as was the LV systolic volume. I’m ...
I am 40 and recently found out my cholesterol is very high (170 ldl, 275 overall). My primary wanted to prescribe statins, but I asked f...
My FIL recently had CX stent approx. 7 weeks, his BPPV has increased significantly. He had MVR approx. 4 years ago, and thats when the B...
This is something that confuses me. My systolic blood pressure can be in the 140’s or 130’s but just as often is in the 120’s or below 12...
Two years ago I was dx'd w/CHF & PH, after surviving sepsis. Kept up with cardiologist until I lost job/insurance last year. This was a...
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