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Heart rate rises first 4 or 5 minutes of riding a stationary bike and then begins to fall....resting heart rate about 80....rises to 110 ...
Hello, I was diagnosed a year ago with high blood pressure and was prescribed Amalodipine 5mg tablets to be taken one a day. I found i wa...
Had heart pain during EKG, test came back normal. does me pain is not heart related.
I had an echo in 11/2014 because of an arrhythmia caused by low potassium. I had some mild heart issues but my aorta was normal. On 3/2...
I am 49 yr old male, non-smoker, and my score has jumped 73 points in 5 years to 126 even though I have been on 5 mg (and 10 mg the past ...
I had a Aortic valve replacement (mech) in 2011. Ever since then I been prescribe all sorts of drugs the number is growing as more and m...
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