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Recently, after I walk only a short way (maybe 20 - 30 feet), my pulse goes up to 80-90 beats/minute and I start breathing heavily. If I ...
About a month ago I went to a cardiologist as I’d had some minor chest pain on my left side. Occasionally sharp. Other times achey. But m...
Hi, I’m a 37 year old woman who has been diagnosed with mod mitral valve regurgitation, mod aortic valve regurgitation, mild tricuspid va...
Just received ECHO results - flagged for LVIDd as 4.20, outside the top of the normal range which is 1.20 cm. The LVIDs is 2.70, which i...
Does anyone know how a short PR wave might have impacted me in the past? I was just diagnosed w/ Grave's disease which causes tachycardia...
I recently was started on a new beta blocker, Bystolic5mg, for PVC's, which it controls. Since taking my legs feel so heavy and achy. I...
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