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Left ventricle LV ID ED PLAX chordal (H) value 6.5cm reference 3.8-5.2 LV I...
Left ventricle (LV ID ED PLAX chordal (h) value 6.5cm reference 3.8-5.2) (LV ID ES PLAX chordal (h) value 6.1cm reference 2.2 3.5) (LV...
Hello! New to the MedHelp community. I had a Nuclear Stress Test in April 2022. It revealed a medium fixed perfusion abnormality in th...
I am not a candidate for bypass and have a LAD 90% blocked..I've had 12 stents same artery..they want to do the laser/blade where they go...
This may be a strange question, but I know your normal heart rate is supposed to be between 60 to 100 bpm. Ok, so does that mean even wh...
Hello, I am 60 years old and the results of the LVIDD cm was 3.4 on the echocardiogram. The normal range shown was 3.9 to 5.42. My LVIDS ...
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