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Hello, I have recently heard that Niacin is good for lowering cholesterol. Anyone have any experience with this?
While I am only a 33yo male, my entire adult life I have probably hovered between 250lbs and 340lb, last several years of it in the high ...
what is a good number or average to have at night time for HRV and is the Apple Watch and associated Health App a reasonable reflection o...
Has anyone experienced damage to the Vargus or Glossopharyngeal nerve and loss of swallowing and gag reflex after carotid endarterectomy ...
My left foot is colder than Right foot. Dr. did an ABI, and told me the results were normal...Vascular office did the ABI. What is my D...
My husband who is 63 had his cholesterol panel taken with these readings. Total -188, trig 63, hdl 59, ldl 109. The physician assistant c...
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