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Eight years ago I had a calcium score of zero, but was told I had a 50 to 70% blockage in my LAD which was believed to be NCP. Today's ca...
My father turned 80 last month and has 6 stents in his heart currently. His first very mild heart attack occurred in 2010 and since then ...
I just got back from hospital having chest pain They did a troponin i blood test on me. It says 3.7 on it and there is a * marked by it...
Pls need help. I shown to general doctors, this is third time in 2 years showing same results. General doctor saying it is normal. On...
I recently came off a 48 hr holter monitor for what I would describe as a pause in my heartbeat. I usually get a run of these when I lie...
I did echo and the result was stated ESSENTIALLY NORMAL , is this oke
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