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Total cholesterol 205 (H) CHOL/HDL ratio 1.86 HDL Cholesterol 110 LDL 87 Cholesterol Non-HDL 95 Triglyceride 40 I don’t smoke or ...
So my husband was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy 9 years ago and I came on to ask several questions at that time. He of cours...
46 YO Male received following report after nuclear stress test and would like it translated to English; QUALITATIVE: There is a medium...
CAD results left main: large caliber. LAD: moderate caliber, type 3. Circumflex: Large caliber, dominant CFX, 80% ostial OM 1 stenosi...
Hello, thanks for looking, I need some help in knowing which direction to search for answers. It looks like a heart problem at this point...
okay, so a couple nights ago I was asleep, and was asleep on my back. I have been having sleep apnea that i'm not treated for recently. I...
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