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I am a 39 year old male, and I have had infrequent PVCs or PACs (not sure which) since I can remember. They never seem to get caught on a...
I have been having PVCS off and on for over 10 years. I have several questions but first, let me explain what I am feeling, have had done...
I have noticed that after every time I eat a banana, my heart has fairly strong palpitations for 1-2 minutes. It is the oddest thing. Doe...
Queston, I had 3 small 20 second episodes of where my heart started tobeat with extra beats in between the next beat or a pause and then ...
Anyone take Flecainide for PVCs with a non normal structural heart? Ive been living with a high PVC rate (20-30%) for about a year and h...
I'm not sure what's going on, but a lot of the palpitations I feel are in the right side right of my chest. I often feel discomfort there...
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