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Hi I do get pvc pac and tachy a lot to do with anxiety and I take atenolol 25 mg day and 1 mg clonazapam daily I have noticed a few times...
wondering if someone has a similar case as me out there: 28 year old with history of anxiety, pvcs, bigeminy, nsvt. i dont smoke or dr...
Is it possible for someone to have momentarily a high heart rate sitting calmly at 158 bpm (recorded in a fitness watch ) but said person...
I am a junior in college and I am 20 years old, I weigh 122 lbs. Since September 2008 I have been having rapid heart beat and an almost p...
Does anyone experience feeling like there heart stops and they are going to pass out. I get very anxious and panic and wait for it to h...
I wasn't sure where to post this question but figured since it eventually becomes a heart problem that this was the place. I'm a 23 year ...
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