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In an attempt to avoid an ablation for SVTs & going to the Emergency Department lately once a month to get converted with IV medication, ...
First...I know what these PVCs are doing to you. I have been where you are. I know how they take over. I also know how noone gets it. ...
Bullet points , male , 63 age , smoke no , drink no , bmi 36.8 , meds for fibromyalgia , b.p. , Barrets Aesophagus , cholesterol , pocke...
Hello everyone.. New here.. And tired of having so many symptoms and not enough answers.. Tired of going to the ER hearing the same old ...
How come I am able to make my heart palpitate on cue? Like when I hold my breath, and try squeeze or push down the part where my tongue m...
It started about a year ago. It feels like my lower chest/upper abdomen when I will get a sudden empty/sinking spasm that will jolt me al...
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