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To make a long story short - I have had a normal echo, a normal MRI (though it did show my RV end pressure was higher than normal range a...
HI I am 64 year old male ,5 foot 8 ,207 pounds well controlled diabetic last a1c 5.7. walk 3 miles then jog 1 everyday lost 50 pounds th...
hello, so here I noticed that when I inhale and hold my breath, I hear a ticking noise coming out of my mouth, it's a noise that others a...
hi there. im 25 y/o. my boyfriend has a fetish for chest compressions. he told me that compressing my chest like cpr arouses him and give...
For about the last two years I have been having problems with my heart. I can be just sitting watching tv, sleeping, working out, cleanin...
I had a cardiac monitor implanted in April, 2020, and I have been having problems with stabbing pain about 5 a.m. that wakes me up. Went...
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