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why would you start a stress test on a treadmill at 6 miles an hour, and with large upward angle? I was walking twice as fast as a normal...
Hi everyone, a few days ago I was lying in bed and feeling that I can accelerate at any moment my heart beat.. accelerating it more and m...
It may be coincidence but I have SVT after a few days of tooth filling. It happened back in 2019 but I couldn't remember time between too...
I have a 30 year history of PAF, PVCs, and PACs, I currently take 200 mg of Flecainide 2 x day and 25 mg of atenolol. In general I have...
Hi All, I am a 26yo female with no history of health conditions. Recently I've been experiencing some chest/heart related symptoms and al...
I have PVCs that have been diagnosed as benign. On a bad day, I notice anywhere near 1000. I have tried lots a treatments, beta blockers ...
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