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I get these adrenaline rushes when I lay down for a afternoon nap. I will get a 10-12 that last around 20 seconds in a span of 30 minutes...
I’ve been dealing with pvcs for years and now with an Apple Watch, I notice my heart rate fluctuates between 40 and 80 while sedentary. ...
Has anyone had one of these implanted before?? My cardiologist discussed putting one in. I am personally all for it if it can potentially...
How prevalent is it for some paitents to be prescribed Flecainide for PVC's by their doctors / cardiologists and told to go home and take...
A nursing student did an ECG in me. Can you tell me what the results mean or if they are normal? ANALYSIS RESULT NORMAL SINUS RHYTHM ...
I was having random tachy in middle of night, maybe once every 3 months usually with high stress and after a couple of glass of wine tryi...
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