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This is a place to have spirited discussion of topics that overheat on the Hepatitis C forum and the Hepatitis Social forum
I was just recently diagnosed with hepatitis c. I am also HIV positive. It's been a rough year but what have some of you done to help wit...
Hello friends, this isn't a question just a positive and encouraging story. Like some of you I had used drugs and shared needles, was ver...
Does anyone find those stars annoying? best answer etc.? Is it just me?
I have been on methadone for abot 6 years and 1 1/2 year ago I decided no more.The doc and I came up with redusing 5 milligams per month....
So now our US government is using our SPR for oil price manipulation, absolutely amazing..So much for free markets--ha! A friggin joke th...
This is a place to discuss subjects that might be too volatile for the main forum. Feel free to speak your mind here. We are all adults...
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