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20 yrs Hey, this happend recently and I don't know what it is! So I wonder if anyone here might know what this is. I was in a birth...
This sounds awful but i shook hands with a homeless man, lit him a cigarette then continued to smoke my cigarette and may have touched th...
I went for my physical and i was told i tested positive for hsv1 and 2 i dont how because i had always practice safe sex by wearing condo...
Hi doc's, just to clarify my doubt. I went in for a massage and had a happy ending at the end. The only sexual thing we did is that she t...
Hello, I am 43 years old Male, And i recently stopped drinking wine after starting to have left lower abd pain, with some burning. I ...
I have done unprotected veginal sex with indonesian girl for around 2 mins in Indonesia. After that i take HIV test and HIV test afte...
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