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Hello, In early March I began to have symptoms including light-headedness, mild nausea, and a "synthetic" feeling accompanied by a metal...
I am sufferring from jaundice since last month. In my first report my s.bilirubin was 1.8 and sgpt was 2400. Slowly i recovered my sgpt l...
Hi good day!! Awhile ago, i kissed someone with unknown hepa a status. Just normal kissing. Im not sure if i do have mouth sore or the li...
I was diagnosed with Hep A during 1st week of May and recovered within 10 days. As adviced by my family physician (general) My second blo...
Hello. I had visited a massage last month. I was in my underwear. She just gave me Boob massage on back and chest. Then I fondled her ...
Is is possible to contract HAV by holding the doorknobs ,I did wash my hands before having food that day but I used my wallet without was...
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