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On September 2, 2011 I received a tattoo. I watched artist open a new needle and fill a single use ink cup. The shop was clean and the ...
hello my name is oscar thank you for takeing my question, the summary reports says portal periportal necroinflammatory activity 2/4 ...
Dear doctor 3 days ago I bought a blazer for shaving like shown here. http://www.qrbiz.com/product/1925102/barber-razor-men-s-...
Hello, My wife and I recently had a physical for life insurance. My wife found out that her Hep C test came back indeterminate and min...
Hello doctor i recently ended a relationship with a female that after the fact I found out was very promiscuous. One morning when we wer...
I am a CMA and just found out I am Hep C +. I wanted to go back to school for LVN/LPN but I'm worried that having HCV will prevent me fr...
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