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I have abused percot for a year or so( with and with out acetanepfrine? )...but a few months ago switched to with out acet...i know i wen...
Hi Doc, A friend of mine who has Hep C (not sure of hep b status) recently cut his hand badly whilst at my house. He immediately washe...
Dear Doctor, Would appreciate if you can comment on my latest LFT result. Does it indicate liver damage or something else? Protei...
Dear Doctor, 2 weekends ago (13 days to be exact) after being heavily drunk I used cocaine with 3 people in a birthday party. This is som...
Good morning doctors, On 27th of this month I got tattoo at Thailand. My concern is HIV and Hepatitis C.I m vaccinated for hepatitis...
Dear Doctor , I am very worried about poor decision taken in barber shoop . Uswaly i have my own tools including neck shaving tools , ...
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