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About 22 weeks ago i had unprotected sex with a street hooker. I was drunk and out with friends and just was not thinking. Lately I hav...
I had sexual encounter with a massage girl in August 2008(six months back). I used a condom but at the end it broke. I stopped immediate...
Hi again i am the healthcare worker that was stuck with a needle a seven weeks ago. i did the pcr quant test and got my resutls back toda...
My brother has hep c with cirrhosis. The doctor says cirrhosis is Grade A ? meaning it is now stable. He wants to do the TIPS procedure...
good afternoon.. six days ago, i had a sexual encounter with someone i didnt know very well.. we did the following.. heavy petting.. k...
Hello, I am a 52 year old 140 lb female. I am a Geno Type 1A with Grade 2 Stage 4 . When I started treatment on 2/1/08 my viral load ...
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