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I am a health care worker that was stuck by a needle 6 and a half weeks ago with a dirty needle. Unfortunately i dont know if the pt had ...
Hi, I am a heterosexual 19 year old female. I have several worries about hep c. First of all my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex, ...
Hi Can you please interpret this for me. I had to delete basic metabolic Panel & remove all parenthesis's Jan 09 2140 Hepatic F...
Hi, I'd like to solicit some opinion/comment on my HepDoc's decision to stop treatment. I'm a white male, 51, genotype 1a, infect...
My husband has had hep c since 2004, he had been drinking heavily but has stopped. He's 26 years old, in good health. We've been to a GI ...
about six yeras ago HCV antibody Test= border Line Cutoff =1.0 But PCR of HCV = Negative Now HCV antibody =+ve Cutoff = 4.19 But PC...
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