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have lost 18 lbs have no appetite and have constant low grade nausea, I have bloating and terrible gas whenever I eat I have to eat sm...
I had an inguinal hernia 9 years ago and it was repaired with surgery and a mesh. I have a new hernia in almost the same place. My origi...
Hi all, I am writing on behalf of my SO, who has an inguinal hernia. He was probably born with it. He is 25 male. He is opposed to eve...
I am a 43 year old women 5' 6" 120 lbs. I have been dealing with a shortness of breath and what I call "sick spells" for the last 6 years...
Hi I have a large lump in my lower abdomen which my gp is almost certain is an incisional hernia, as it’s right by the scar from my hyst...
Is it possible to have a hernia with no buldge, and could that hernia make you feel sick and give you lower back pain
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