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Hernia Community

My mother was diagnosed with a hernia and needed to have surgery to repair it. They used a mesh for the repair. This was a few years ago....
I've been having problems for the last two years pretty bad, seemingly random symptoms that didn't fit anything. I finally found a goo...
I had double hernia surgery on march 28, 2018. I had severe pain in my right shoulder. It has eased somewhat, but still very bad at times
Hi, Im 51 years old was diagnosed with small hiatal hernia 4 years ago. Recently I started getting a cold or an allegy and began with hea...
I had a left inguinal hernia surgery with mesh 15 months ago. After the surgery everything was ok. But after 10 months i experienced neur...
Hello I am a healthy active 30 year old male. For the past 8 years I have had a hard time emptying my bladder when I pee. I pee but wh...
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