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Hello, I'm a boy from China. After having sex with a girl for 22 months, I had a test called hsv2 specific antibody test. The result was ...
I had my annual physical this week and asked to be STD tested. I knew that the regular test did not include HSV and asked for it to be in...
I tested positive for hsv1 with a 2.4 index is there a chance this is a false positive about 10 days post possible exposure from receivin...
My NP at dermatologist popped one of the vesicles on my tiny back patch 48-72 hours after it appeared and sent it to the lab. Instead of...
Hello, It took a lot for me to get myself to ask these questions and just want to say thank you in advance for your time. 11 days ago ...
Was with a couple, hsv2+, sat night. They were going at it and I was nude on the bed masturbating. I used the lube they did and I stroked...
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