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5 years ago I spotted near my anus a small painful bump that turned into an open ulcer so I think, honesty not sure it was really hard to...
I know this has been answered, but I am freaking out tonight. My outbreaks are on right buttock only. Had some itching yesterday and this...
I only had sex with one person in two years and she has never had an outbreak and has negative antibody results. After about 6 months of ...
A little about my self, Im a 22 year old man. Basically still a kid. When I was 18 i had my first bacterial case. I was prescript an oint...
Thanks for your help. My IGg HSV-1 level was 38.10. I asked what does the high number mean and I received mixed messages on other health ...
Is it safe to have unprotected sex with a man or woman who has not had an outbreak for over 10 years? Thanks
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