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Hello, I really need your help. I'm from China! I would like to ask that I had sex with a girl 24 months ago. 22 months after having sex,...
I had just got release from incarceration. I will start from the beginning, I had got incarcerated 9 months ago. no doubt im sure i was a...
I used a toy on and fingered a girl after her partner likely ejaculated in her. I think I used the same hand to masturbate after. There ...
Soooo... I'm back again and please no judgment. I had been seeing a girl for over a month or so consistently every week. The last time we...
Hi all, my gf had a bad herpes outbreak about a week ago and its been healing steadily to where theres still a small scab left on her lip...
Hey, upset I'm back but I have a question about a recent encounter I had back in August while drunk. I had protected oral sex with woman...
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