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I had a situation where I can't fully remember but the person said I had first sip but say I didn't and I drank after them maybe with in...
Hola, hace 1 año me enteré que tuve herpes genital, he tomado tratamiento episodico, es decir, cada que tengo un brote; tomo 1 pastilla d...
Hi so my western blot kit is on its way my doctor said he will help me when I get the kit. Im just wondering if they can't spin the blood...
Hi there, I recently had vaginal sex with my girlfriend who recently developed a cold sore on her lip (no history of genital herpes, o...
I have no clue what this is. I think it’s a spot but I’m not sure https://imgur.com/a/HKpg7Sb
Hi, So my friend And i work as underwear models, And we have to Stay shirtless at our job. Yesterday i Had a situation where my friend ...
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