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I have been having this dizzy lightheaded feeling for months now. I feel like I am moments from fainting but I haven't fainted yet. I hav...
I am a male, 21 year old. 140 lbs, 6ft. With a resting heart rate ranging from 90 to 108. Sometimes up to 120. I check it every hour. And...
Amlodipine side effects. Do they include watery eyes?
You read about exercise like it is medicine. That you can simply do some type of exercise for 30 minutes a day for 5 weeks and your bloo...
My blood pressure was first medicated with losartan, after early morning headcahes were waking me. Years later that symptom returned, and...
Hi, I’m a 61 year old (Italian American) if that is significant, male. I’m 5-8 about 156 lbs and in pretty good shape for my age. I excer...
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